Unger Ergotec Applicator Complete

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Unger Ergotec Applicator Complete a professional window cleaning tool. A great value product that is available in two popular sizes.

Available sizes of the T Bar & Sleeve:

14″ BC350
18″ BC450

Product Information: Unger Ergotec Applicator Complete

The Unger Ergotec Applicator Complete is a durable T-Bar that is made of bi-component plastic. Its purposeful design delivers superior performance without causing excessive strain on arms and shoulders. Also this sleeve is one of the best quality applicator sleeve we sell. You will find that it is a durable sleeve made from a fluffy material that has good water retention. You will find that the Velcro fastening makes it easy to fit and the two abrasive scrub pads makes it useful for removing stubborn marks and bird mess. The Sleeve has a 20 % higher water absorption than standard microfibre sleeves a blended material, the inner supportive material is 100% Polyester and the outer fabric is 100% Polyester.

Although it will fit most telescopic poles with a push cones, it has been designed to fit poles that use the ErgoTec end cone (as used on Unger TelePlus and OptiLoc pole systems) which provides positive locking of the T Bar to the pole - a must for safety.

Key features of the Ergotec T Bar

  • Non slip handle texture for excellent grip.
  • Compatible with Unger Locking Cone for secure fit to poles.
  • Machine washable sleeve, up to 500 times
  • The Sleeve has good water retention and scrubbing power

Available sizes of the T Bat & Sleeve:

14" BC350
18" BC450

Compatible Products for the Unger Ergotec Range:

All telescopic window cleaning poles that have the ErgoTec end cone, such as the OptiLoc and TelePlus ranges. Also most applicator sleeves if they are available in the required size and squeegee rubber. As well as that many other accessories are also compatible such as belts and pouches.

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