WCS Nat-Hat

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WCS Nat-Hat for the guy who has everything, but not a WCS Nat-Hat! Only available since 2018, the popularity of the Nat-Hat is indescribable.

Product Information: WCS Nat-Hat

The new WCS NAT-HAT allows you to control the flow rate of your pump just by thinking about it. And the VR glasses allow you to switch the pump on and off simply with a blink of the eye.
Auto-Calibration detects brain waves.
VR Glasses controls on - off function and displays battery charge, pump performance and diagnostic information.

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Customer Questions:

Customer Question: I have tried thinking really hard and I have trouble switching the pump on and off.
Answer: The unit detects strong emotions. With the Nat-Hat in manual calibration mode, think of something you like (Pizza, football...) this will switch the pump on. Now think of something that makes you fizz (paying for a round of drinks, taking your wife shopping...) and the pump will switch off.

Customer Question: I sneezed and it connected to Classic FM, I prefer BBC Radio 2...
Answer: During test sneezing we could only get BBC Radio 4.

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