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WCS Micro Squeegee, the largest selling small squeegee on the market. This product is big in Scotland and is a new classic!

Product Information: Micro Squeegee

The WCS Micro Squeegee makes a powerful point - small is beautiful! Also the Micro Squeegee has been especially designed to clean between the glass panes within double glazed units. Measuring just 3mm wide, it is suitable for very small traditional window cleaners. Additional larger sizes available.

Helpful Information: Micro Squeegee

Customer Questions: Micro Squeegee

Question: Will the Stretchy rubber fit? Answer: Yes, but put it in the fridge first to make it shrink.

Question: When will WCS also sell a Micro Applicator and Micro Bucket on a Belt? Answer: We have developed working prototypes. Unfortunately, they fell off my desk and I can't find them now!

Question: Do WCS have any plans to introduce a Micro Water Fed Pole System in the near future? A new 65mm Carbon water fed pole system is due to be introduced early next year.

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3 reviews for WCS Micro Squeegee

  1. Smallfield

    I like the Micro Squeegee, it works well. But I do find that they are very easy to loose.

  2. Darren Jamieson.

    I’m having trouble cleaning leaded windows. This squeegee seems just the ticket!

  3. Bob Dillan

    Thoroughly disappointed in this product, the squeegee was far larger than the one I needed, overall not happy.

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