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WCS Ladder Bag, since 2015 one our most popular ladder accessories. Whether its the science behind it or the convenience in using it, its simply amazing!

Product Information: Ladder Bag

The "bottomless" WCS Ladder Bag has been developed to hold ladders with an closed length of up to 5 metres.
Once the ladders are inside the bag, the bag may be placed within the boot of a car or back of your van.
External bag Size: 45cm width x 45cm length x 92cm" high, internal bag size: 44cm" width x 44cm length x 2000cm
(Ladders not included.)

Optional Extras include, internal lighting and a comfortable shoulder strap.

Customer Questions: Ladder Bag

Customer Question: I have placed my triple ladders in the bag, how do I get them out?
Answer: Simply tip the bag upside down and the ladders will slide out. Never climb in the bag to look for them.

Customer Question: My friend says the bag is really a quantum singularity that exists within the thin fabric of time and space….
Answer: The fabric is actually Nylon.

Helpful Information: Ladder Bag

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  1. Bagfield

    I have only been using it about a month but found it the best thing since sliced bread!

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