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WCS Kari-All Pouch a popular product from Finland, has proved here too. An amazing combination of high technology and inspiration.

Product Information: Kari-All Pouch

After the success of the WCS Ladder Bag, we are delight to introduce the WCS Kari-All Pouch.
The 'Bottomless' technology allows you to carry as much stuff as you want!
The AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature will keep an inventory of all the things you carry. Also, this advanced feature can also help you cost jobs, sing you a song to cheer you up on wet days and it will even predict what your wife is cooking for dinner. Additionally, this product is available for purchase with our simple payment plan, the cost can be spread over one simple payment of the full amount!!!

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Customer Questions: Kari-All Pouch

Customer Question: The AI feature is great, it has been teaching me Finnish!
Answer: Loistava

Customer Question: Can I put the Kari-All in the WCS Ladder Bag?
Answer: The complicated answer is Simply: Ω.π±[Öabc²w x 12j]+ 5.32kgm- w9.81m/s²/¥=42 Or to put it simply, YES!

1 review for WCS Kari-All Pouch

  1. Steve

    Cant believe I didn’t get one sooner

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