WCS Flappy Inflatable Pole

WCS Flappy Inflatable Pole, the new MK2 has become a best seller. Easy to carry, light to use and competitive in price, makes it a winner.

Product Information:

After literally minutes of research WCS will be launching the world’s first Inflatable Water fed Pole next year on 1st April. Known as the Flappy, it is a first (and some say the last) in water fed poles.

Height 6m 20'

Optional 10L bag of Air or Helium.

Can be repaired using a bicycle tyre repair kit.

With easier storage than modular and telescopic poles and no wearing parts such as clamps; the WCS Inflatable Pole offers a number of advantages - see below

Customer Questions:

Customer Question: What is the GPa Rigidity value?
Answer: It depends on your puff!

Customer Question: Do you have anything that can clean windows in strong wind? I made the mistake of trying to use the Flappy in strong wind. It blew away and cleaned all the windows down the street.
Answer: We are working a on a water fed kite to overcome that very situation.

Customer Question: Is it possible to deflate the Flappy without making a rude noise?
Answer: The MK1 model, known as the 'blame the dog' Flappy by some cleaners, has now been upgraded to our new silent MK2. MK1 owners can either buy a dog or order the new silent valve - SHHHHH.

Helpful Information: Ladder Bag

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  1. John B

    Great for car dealerships for your route work.

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