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WCS Condensed Water 5L

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WCS Condensed Water 5L. t is a simple as, just add water. Yes by adding the same amount of water to the 5L of condensed water you get 10L.

Product Information:

WCS Condensed Water is a great way to get extra water when you need it – simply by adding water!
For dilution rates and further information please see below:
Just add however much you need, for example:
5L Condensed water + 5L of added water = 10L of water! You get twice as much water by simply adding half the total amount - see below

Customer Questions:

Customer Question: Do you sell WCS Condensed Water in gallons rather than litres?
Answer: Not at present. There is a simple conversion 1 gallon (GB) = 4.5L There is also a far more complicated conversion 1 gallon (GB) = 0.160544 Cubic Feet but this may not really help.
Customer Question: Can this product be downloaded?
Answer: As the water supply is Technically Approved Product (TAP) Water it may be possible in the future.
Customer Question: If I run out of WCS Condensed Water what can I do?
Answer: We are currently developing an special app for smart phones, called a tapp.

Helpful Information: Ladder Bag

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2 reviews for WCS Condensed Water 5L

  1. matt

    i use this product all the time but have found it cheaper from my kitchen tap

  2. Dripfield

    I have used water from all over the world and have found this to be far wetter than your ‘average’ H2O.
    When I followed the instructions all was well!

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