WCS Cloud Hook

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WCS Cloud Hook. Clouds are full of water, water cleans windows, so why not clean windows with clouds! Fits most traditional poles.

Product Information: WCS Cloud Hook

The New WCS Cloud Hook is the result of the boffins here at WCS putting their heads together and working out... Clouds are full of water, water cleans windows, so why not clean windows with clouds!
It sounds simple, how does it work? Well, by using an anti-gravity, antibacterial, anti-matter, antipasti, anti-magnetic, battery powered negatively charged ion generator the Cloud Hook can both grab small clouds and purify up to 50L per minute of rain water. Batteries not included.

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Customer Questions:

Customer Question: What happens when there are no clouds?
Answer: This product is currently only available in Scotland, so that is not a problem.

Customer Question: This product is brilliant, all my customers are delighted.
Answer: Clouds do have silver linings!

Customer Question: Can I use it with the WCS POGOPOLE?
Answer: Only if you want to have your head in the clouds!!!!

Customer Question: A typical cloud holds 30,000,000L of water, how many windows will I be able to clean using just one cloud?
Answer: We gave one of the prototype WCS Cloud Hook to a young window cleaner we know, many years ago. He is now very old and is still using his first cloud!

1 review for WCS Cloud Hook

  1. Tony

    I ended up very wet after the first few times I used it. (Although, this could be quite refreshing on a hot day). I would suggest offering an optional umbrella as part of the pole.

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