WCS Bucket on a Boot

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WCS Bucket on a Boot is a hot new window cleaning accessory. Put your best foot forward, particularly when its wearing this stylish boot.

Product Information: WCS Bucket on a Boot

Firstly, the WCS Bucket on a Boot is part of our range of quality window cleaning accessories. The Bucket on a Boot is a simple solution to the traditional window cleaners biggest problem. Lastly, with letters arriving every day at our office saying the same thing:

Dear WCS,
With So many accessories on my belt (Pouches, holsters...) my trousers keep falling down!
Iva Problem

Now it is possible to go up a ladder with the confidence that, as you go up, your trousers will not come down. See more Info, below.

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Customer Questions: Bucket on a Boot

Question: Can the WCS Bucket on a Boot be worn with a Kilt or a Skirt?
Answer: Yes, a leading fashion magazine recently wrote, 'the WCS Bucket on a Belt, is turning heads in Paris, Carluke, New York and London. It is the must have fashion accessory of 2021, it goes with everything'.

Question: Dear WCS (Window Cleaning Stuff), I am the PWC (poetic window cleaner) from NOTB (north of the border). Your BOAB (Bucket on a Boot) inspired me to PPTP (put pen to paper) and CWPA (compose with poetic abandon).

There was a young man from Carluke

Who tried a bucket on a boot

His trousers did stay on his waist all day

Was it his boot or a fluke!

Tat Ta For Now (TTFN)

Answer: Thank you for your poem, we hope your windows keep on glowing!

1 review for WCS Bucket on a Boot

  1. Tonecity

    Bit of sloshing at first, but works well.

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