WCS Applicator Trousers

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WCS Applicator Trousers makes you look and feel great. One size fits all. Keep warm this winter, or in Scotland keep warm this summer as well.

Product Information: Applicator Trousers

WCS Applicator Trousers are made from the same soft and fluffy microfiber material that the leading Applicator Sleeves are made from. They will keep you warm even during the coldest weather. The elasticated waist and authentic Velcro fly provides both comfort and convenience.
Please note: Not suitable for wet weather.

Customer Questions:

Customer Question: I was wondering, do you plan to introduce a squeegee rubber jacket for the complete look? (The trousers fit like a glove)
Answer: Good idea.
Customer Question: I tried sitting in a bath full of water to try to make them skin tight but they soaked up all the water and then I could not stand up because of the weight!
Answer: Are you still in the bath?
Customer Question: Will they polish anything I sit on?
Answer: They will if you tend to wiggle about when you sit.

Helpful Information: Ladder Bag

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3 reviews for WCS Applicator Trousers

  1. A. Nutter

    I found a way to keep you even warmer… Turn them inside out!
    When they were round the right way, I polished everything I sat on!

  2. Fashionfield

    Are we still in the 1970’s? Flares!!!
    Who is in charge of style at WCS. Come on catch up!

  3. Alan Turtle

    easy to clean lower windows

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