Unger Stingray bag

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Lightweight nylon bag for storage and transportation of your complete Stingray System.

Product Information: Unger Stingray bag

  • Zip fastening allows bag to open flat
  • Multiple fasteners and pockets for additional tools

Product Code: SRBAG

Sixe: 130x33x5cm

Features: Unger Stingray System: (Not Included)

With the revolutionary Unger Stingray OS, Unger offers the most efficient indoor cleaning system of all time. Also it offers a number of safety and operational advantages over other method of indoor window cleaning. Firstly, it is safer than working from a ladder or using traditional window cleaning methods indoors. Secondly, the Stingray design makes it perfect for daytime cleaning. Thirdly it is very efficient, the 150 ml refill tank can be filled with alcohol-based glass and surface cleaner that can clean up to 150m². See some more features below.

  • 25% faster glass cleaning**
  • 39% less chemicals**so more environmental friendly.
  • Ready to use, so no trouble with assembling the unit.
  • Ergonomic design. As a result it will not cause fatigue.
  • Moreover, can be flexibly used with all alcohol-based glass and surface cleaners.
  • Battery powered, 2 Alkaline AA batteries included
  • Comfortable and safe working up to 5m
  • Choice of washable and disposable pads

Manual Unger Stingray OS

Brochure Unger Stingray OS

Unger Stingray OS Extended Length
Kit Unger Code Extended Length
100 OS SRK02 1.00m
160 OS SRKOD 1.66m
330 OS SRK03 3.27m
450 OS SRKOH 4.37m

Product Options:

Unger Stingray OS Guide
Kit Handheld Unit Short Pole SREXS Long Pole SREXL Deep Clean Pads SRPD 25 QuikPads & Adapter SRADK Nylon Bag SRBAG
100 OS 1 1 2
160 OS 1 1
330 OS 1 2 2
450 OS 1 3 2 1

Product Accessories: Unger Stingray System

SRL03 Stingray OS Glass Cleaner: Excellent for cleaning glass and mirrors. Size: 0.5L

SRBT1 Stringray OS Tank: Size: 150ml

SREXS & SREXL Stingray Easy-Click-Poles: Available in two sizes, 0.63m and 1.24m

SRADK Stingray QuikPads: 1 x Adapter and 25 disposable pads

SRPD3 & SRDP4 Stingray Quikpads in packs of 25 and 100 disposable pads. Coverage per pad 15m².

Customer Questions:

When using the Stingray to disinfect washable flat surfaces, can I put a disinfecting solution in the tank? Yes, most mild disinfectants can be used in the Stingray OS Tank.


* Source: Market research conducted with professional glass cleaners in Germany, and UK, 2015, SR Strategy Routes.

**Compared with conventional cleaning methods with spray and cloths (Source: Zeit- und Verbrauchsstudie Glasinnenreinigung, 16.07.15, Sabine R. Mück, Hygiene Consult Mück)


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