Unger SmartColor or erGo! pad Holder

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Unger Pad mop Holder ideal for hard floor cleaning. Available in a choice of erGO! or SmartColor range. Well made and easy to use.

Product Information: Unger erGO! Cleaning Pad Mop holders

Cleaning Pad holder 40 cm

Cleaning Pad: for any looped pile flat mop, quick & easy operation
Mopholder: Click connection for erGO! handles

Unger product code: FAVMH

Product Information: Unger SmartColor DampMop Pad Holder

The Unger SmartColor Mop Pad Holder is a swivel head mop holder with the new "no spin" design.

Swivel head Pad Holder – glides easily across floors

Unger product code:SV40G

Unger SmartColor Range
Code Description Product
COMBG 30L Double Bucket SmartColor COMBO 30 L`
COMSR 15L Double Bucket SmartColor COMBO 15 L
SM40G Holder SmartColor FLAT MOP HANDLE
MH14G Handle SmartColor MOP HANDLE




Micro Mop 15.0 SmartColor MICRO MOP 15.0




Micro Mop 7.0 SmartColor MICRO MOP 7.0




Spill Mop SmartColor SPILL MOP 1L


Enjoy higher productivity when using the SmartColor flat mop holder.

  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 10% and reaches in all corners so quick and effective in use.
  • Large surface provides more direct cleaning contact and more scrubbing pressure. L
  • Folds at the push of a button, for wringing or replacing mop.
  • Mops fit securely with holding clips and can stay on during wringing.

Handle socket for cones or handles with 21 and 23 mm diameter, respectively.

Helpful Information:

Using colour coding prevents cross-contamination. Also mops can be used along with other similar colour co-ordinates products for cleaning specific locations, such as buckets and cloths.

RED: Toilets, washrooms and baby change areas.
GREEN: Kitchen and food preparation areas.
BLUE: Foyer, classrooms and auditorium.

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