Unger SmartColor COMBO 15L

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Unger SmartColor COMBO 15L is a compact, complete dual bucket with press. Two compartments keep clean and dirty water separated. Colour coding.


Product Information:

Unger SmartColor COMBO 15L is a compact, complete dual bucket with press. Unger product code: COMSG

Two compartments keep clean and dirty water separated so hygienic to use.
Labels included so you can use colour coding.

Complete with vertical press.

Ideal for janitorial jobs. The wheels are well made and make moving the bucket around easy! With the different stickers included you can colour code your buckets, allowing for a better use on large areas and preventing cross-contamination.

Unger has in the cleaner in mind when designing this tools and that's why the SmartColor combo bucket is ergonomic, easy to use and hassle free. Once you finish the task at hand, make sure to get rid of any dirty water, rinse the bucket and dry it, that will extend the life of the bucket. It is not cumbersome and you'll find it easy to store.

You can use this bucket with a wide range of mops.

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Optional Products:

Using the Unger Easy Adapter Water hose makes filling the buckets easier and quicker.

  • Fits on standard taps
  • Length 180cm
  • Improved hygiene
  • Allows convenient filling
  • Unger Code WH180

Unger waterhose

Unger SmartColor Range
Code Description Product
COMBG 30L Double Bucket SmartColor COMBO 30 L`
COMSR 15L Double Bucket SmartColor COMBO 15 L
SM40G Holder SmartColor FLAT MOP HANDLE
MH14G Handle SmartColor MOP HANDLE




Micro Mop 15.0 SmartColor MICRO MOP 15.0




Micro Mop 7.0 SmartColor MICRO MOP 7.0




Spill Mop SmartColor SPILL MOP 1L

Customer Questions: Unger Combo

What mops do you recommend using with this bucket? You can use products from the SmartColor range, like the SmartColor Mop Holder and mop heads.

What chemicals can I use to clean the floors? There are lots of chemicals available. We supply a good range of hard floor detergents.

Helpful Information:

Very little maintenance is required when using the Combo apart from the normal cleaning necessary to keep the Combo looking its best. Cleaning of the unit also keeps the unit free from bacteria.

Do not leave dirt water in the Combo overnight. Keep away from children.

Firstly, position the Combo in a safe position during cleaning. Secondly, use appropriate safety signs during cleaning. Finally, avoid cross contamination by following good cleaning practices, such as colour coded cleaning areas. See the image along with the product illustration.

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