Unger Sieve QB060

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Unger Sieve QB060 useful addition for 28L Buckets, holds traditional tools. Easy to fit and remove on bucket. Strong metal construction.

Product Information: Unger Sieve

Unger Sieve QB060 for the 28L Bucket has been designed to hold an applicator or a squeegee. Also, it is simply for you to attach to the rim of the bucket. You can in fact fit two sieves to one bucket. Bucket not included. Also, two Unger Sieves can be fitted to one bucket. For use with the Unger 28L Bucket shown below.

Features: Unger Sieve

  • Strong metal construction
  • Applicators and squeegees sit horizontally within the sieve for easy access
  • Quick and simple to fit and remove
  • Strong hooks for positive location
  • Notched design helps traditional sit centrally in the sieve
  • Rounded corners for comfort while handling
  • Painted finish for rust protection
  • Suitable for 6", 10", 14" and 18" applicators and squeegees
  • Perforated construction allows the applicator and squeegee to drain naturally
  • Genuine Unger accessory

Colour: Black

Unger Product Code: QB060

Helpful Information: Unger Sieve

Please note: You must remove the sieve before fitting the Unger Lid to the bucket.

Rinse after use and store dry.

Not suitable for use with the Unger 18L Bucket.


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