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Unger SCRIM Grade 1 Pre-Washed SCRMW

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The Unger SCRIM Grade 1 Pre-Washed SCRMW is the best quality and is made of100% pure linen cloth. It is pre-washed and Grade 1. This is our best selling window cleaning Scrim cloth (Unger code SCRMW) – ready to use straight from the pack! Hemmed on all 4 sides for long use. It is robust and durable.

Customer Questions:

What does the Unger SCRIM Grade 1 Pre-Washed SCRMW do? It is often used to dry around the edges of the window after the window cleaning detergent has been largely removed by the Squeegee.  It is also sometimes used to clean windows, usually smaller windows such as houses with Georgian windows. Scrim is also used to dry and polish glass.

How do I carry a damp scrim around? You could use a window cleaners pouch.

A Bit of History:

History lesson: Scrim has long been used by window cleaners and even in this modern world of microfiber technologies, is still a very popular product.

Helpful Tips:

Can I cut it? You can but it may cause the Scrim to fray at the edges. Most window cleaners do not cut their Scrim but use it whole.

What's the difference between Grade 1 and Grade 2? Grade 1 has a dense weave that makes it a durable. The Grade 1 Scrim is heavier in weight than the Grade 2 Scrim. Grade 2 is a lighter weave and not very hard wearing. we recommend using a Grade 1 Scrim.

Why should I buy this Unger SCRIM Grade 1 Pre-Washed SCRMW? This is a very good Grade 1, pre-wash Scrim. It is hemmed on all four sides, which increases its durability.
Do I need to boil or wash it before use? No. These Unger Scrim are pre-washed and ready to use.
What is the Unger product code? SCRMW

What size is the Scrim? Unger say 36" 92cm x 36" 92cm. It should be noted: Scrim may shrink slightly when washed.
Do I need to bleach it? No. Although some window cleaners do bleach their Scrim, it is not necessary.
How long will it last? The life of a Scrim depends upon the usage and care it receives. The good news is that a Scrim will still work well even when it is full of holes!
Tip: Do not use dry rough or jaggy surfaces, such as concrete sills - it will snag the Scrim causing it to fray.
Care: In most cases it simply needs to dry. If it becomes dirty or starts to leave smears then it can be gently machine washed at low temperature with a very small amount of detergent. Air drying is best. Scrim may shrink slightly when washed.

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  1. Gary Duffus (verified owner)

    Unger Scrims are the best.

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