Unger S Squeegee

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Unger S Squeegee comes with popular Stainless Steel squeegee handle SG000. The handle fits Unger S and S Plus squeegee channels. Has spring back clip.

Product Information: Unger S HANDLE Stainless Steel

What does a Unger S HANDLE SG000 do? It is the part of the Squeegee that you hold in your hand or fits onto a Telescopic Pole. It also holds the Channel and Rubber.

Why should I choose the Unger S HANDLE? It is a comfortable Handle to use with the ribbed rubber grip. The spring clip allows for simple rubber replacement.

Helpful Tips:

It can also be used on most Unger poles with cones that require a simple push fit. This Handle holds the Rubber by means of two teeth - so no End Clips are required. This also means changing a rubber is very quick and easy.

What are the Unger product codes? SG000 for the handle only

Do all Handles fit all Channels and Rubbers? No. The simple way to make sure that the Handle will fit the Channel and Rubber made by Unger.

Firstly, choose the right range. Unger Stainless Steel Channels in the 'S Channel' and 'S Channel Plus' ranges will fit this Handle. Window Cleaning Stuff have a wide range of these products available.

Will any length of Channel and Rubber fit? This Handle will fit Channel and Rubbers from 6" 15cm to 22" 55cm within the 'S Channel' and 'S Channel Plus' ranges.

Which rubber should I choose? Although you can use both hard and soft compounds all year round, you may find the Soft compound is better to use during colder weather or when less pressure is to be applied to the glass. Alternatively, you may find the Hard compound rubber is useful during warmer weather or if you prefer to apply more pressure to the squeegee. Unger Green Power Rubber new all weather replacement squeegee rubber that offers improved slide-ability.

Using The Handle:

How do I fit the Channel and Rubber? Firstly, the Handle has a spring clip on the underside, and when pressed will lift the teeth that hold the Channel and Rubber. If you're doing this for the first time, it can seem a little difficult. However when you have done it a few times you will find a way that suits you. So, with the spring clip pressed in, slide the Channel and Rubber passed the teeth until it reaches the middle. (Important: The teeth on the clip face the castling in the Channel). Next, the Channel has small arrows that point to the middle position. Lastly, now adjust the Rubber position to make it even on both ends of the Channel by pressing the spring clip enough that the Rubber can slide.

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