Unger S Channel

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Unger S Channel. Best Seller, soft Unger Pro Rubber and Stainless Steel. Strong but lightweight squeegee channel. From 6″ 15cm to 22″ 55cm.

Product Information: Unger S Channel

Unger S Channel is made from a good quality Stainless Steel. These channels come complete with Unger premium Pro Rubber. These Channels do not require End Clips, the rubber is held in place by teeth on the Unger Handle - see below for compatible Handles .
All are supplied with Unger Pro soft rubber except 15cm 6" channels which have hard rubber
NE15H 15cm 6"
NE250 25cm 10"
NE300 30cm 12"
NE350 35cm 14"
NE450 45cm 18"
NE550 55cm 22"

Product Compatibility Guide:

Compatible Handle with Unger S Channels
Code Description
HSU01 Unger ErgoTec Swivel Loc Handle Straight LS000
HSU02 Unger ErgoTec Swivel Loc Handle 30 Degree LA000
HSU03 Unger ErgoTec Handle Standard ETG00
HSU04 Unger ErgoTec Handle Long ETX00
HSU05 Unger S HANDLE Stainless Steel with Grip SG000
HSU06 Unger Handle ErgoTec Carbon UCH00
HSP01 Pulex Technolite Handle
HSM08 Moerman Handle Premium 17733
HSM10 Moerman Excelerator Handle 2.0  25460

Customer Questions:

Do these Channels need end clips? No the rubber is held in place by teeth on the squeegee handle.

What are they made of? 10" to 22" Channels are made from Stainless Steel with a soft squeegee rubber. 6" Channels are made from Stainless Steel and have a hard rubber.

Can I cut down a longer channel to make a smaller one? It is better to buy the length of channel that you need. Cutting a channel to make it smaller may damage it making it useless.

Which rubber fits theses channels? Most squeegee rubber will fit.


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