Unger HydroPower Ultra RESIN

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Unger HydroPower Ultra RESIN, new design gives 30% more pure water using the FloWater technology 2.0. Easy to change. More economical to use.

Product Information: Unger HydroPower Ultra RESIN

Unger HydroPower Ultra RESIN are designed to fit the Unger HydroPower units.There are a number of improvements over the original Unger HydroPower units. Firstly, the new FloWater technology 2.0 ensures an efficient flow of water through the whole tank. Secondly, this also it helps to optimise resin saturation. Unger claims a 30% improvement in efficiency over the original HydroPower units. Lastly, the Unger resin HydroPower filter is cleverly designed, making it so easy to put in and take out of the unit.


  • High quality Ion Exchange Resin.
  • Fast and simple to change.
  • Improved resin saturation for improved performance.
  • Improved economy.

Choosing the right bag: Unger HydroPower

Your Unger HydroPower will have the distinctive green lid. Refer to the images below to find the correct resin bag.

This above is the single bag unit. Unit code DIUH1, The bag has a green plastic ring at the top.

If you have the unit above you can buy either 1 bag of resin (Code DIUBS) or 3 bags (Code DIUB1). Buying the three bags means that you will have 2 spare bags after the first bag is installed.

The above units have 3 bags (triple bag set). Unit codes DIUH2 and the trolley version DIUH3. These bags are supplied in sets of three bags. Each set contains 3 bags. When replacing the resin, the bag with the green plastic ring goes on top of the two bags with red plastic rings. The code for one set of bags is DIUB3.

Customer Questions: Resin Bags

Will these new bags fit in my older, original HydroPower unit? No, you will need to continue to use the bags designed for the original machine. Also these older bags are still available from us and sold singly or in a pack of four.

When I want to change the resin, can these bags be refilled from loose resin? No, we would not recommend trying to refill used bags.

When do I change the resin? When the TDS reading reaches 10.


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