Unger RESIN HydroPower MK1

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Unger RESIN HydroPower MK1 replacement resin bags for original units. With or without bucket. Resin is Premium grade virgin mixed bed resin.

Product Information: Unger RESIN HydroPower MK1

Unger RESIN HydroPower MK1 premium grade virgin mixed bed resin. Supplied in 6L bags. Please Note: These bags only fit the model of Unger HydroPower that has the grey lid, as shown below. The Unger HydroPower unit is not included.


  • Easy to use, simply lift out the used bag and replace with a new bag - so very straightforward.
  • Less Mess when changing resin.
  • Easy to store and lightweight

Purchase options: Unger HydroPower Original

Resin Guide
Bag Bucket
DIB64 6L x 4 Yes
DIB84 6L x 4 Yes

Customer Questions: Unger HydroPower Original

Will the new HydroPower Ultra resin bags fit my original unit? No, unfortunately not.

Does this bag fit the lager double and triple HydroPower units? Yes, it is the same bag that is used in the older Expert and Advanced Original HydroPower units. These like the smaller units have the distinctive grey lid.

I want to upgrade my HydroPower to the latest version, where do I find it on your site? Unger HydroPower Ultra Kits.

Helpful Tips: Unger HydroPower Original

Store in a dry location that is free from frost and out of direct sunlight. Bags should be kept in an airtight container. If the HydroPower unit is not to be used for a while, it is best drained of water until it is used again.

Change the resin when the TDS display shows 10 ppm.

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