Unger Resin Bag 2L

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Unger Resin Bag 2L for use on Unger Pure-Water cleaning kits. A great option for domestic cleaning of windows, gutters, etc.

Product Information: Unger Resin Bag

The Unger Resin Bag 2L can be easily replaced on your Unger pure-water cleaning kit. Instructions for changing the bag are printed on the packaging.

Unger product code: DIBCB

The amount of water you can purify depends on the amount of minerals in the tap water and this varies by region. Soft water has a TDS reading of 100 ppm or less, while some regions with very
hard water have a TDS reading of 400 ppm or greater.

You can measure the mineral content in your home with the TDS meter on the front of the Unger Pure Water Cleaning System. Simply place the TDS meter in a glass with water from the Unger Pure Water Cleaning System. The TDS reading will indicate 000 TDS at the start and as soon as the value starts to increase, the resin is saturated and the DI filter resin bag should be replaced. Up to a value of approximately 010 TDS you can still expect clean glass, solar panels, conservatories etc.

Customer questions:

How long will my Unger resin last me? It is not possible for us to say. The life of the resin will depend upon the quality of your water supply and the amount of water you use to clean your windows.

Helpful Information:

Over recent years you may have seen a fluctuation in the price of resin along with, at times shortages in supply. Unfortunately we do not see this situation improving for the foreseeable future. We therefore recommend that you keep a small stock of resin in reserve. Depending upon how much you use, you might well keep a three month supply at all times. This will protect you from shortages in supply. If you can do this and have suitable space for storage, please remember to use your older resin as you replenish your stocks.


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