Unger professional Sanitary Combi Brush

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Sanitary Standard Squeegee with Moss Rubber Blade. A tool with a blade that removes or controls liquids across surfaces. Commercial squeegees can be used on floors to absorb liquids and direct mop water toward a drain, or to remove residual water or clean solvents. It comes with  ACME thread.

Product Information: Unger professional Sanitary Combi Brush

2 tools in one: Brush with polypropylene bristles and squeegee with double blade foam rubber blade, black. ACME thread.


  • Scrubber to remove dirt
  • Foam rubber blade for drying floors and joints
  • Very sturdy, but lightweight

Unger codes : PB45A, PB55A

HANDLES SOLD SEPARATELY - Use with UNGER's Pro Aluminium handles ACME or ProAlu 3,0° or Telescopic handle, grey EZ25G

WaterWand heavy duty, red

WaterWand Standard

AquaDozer straight

Sanitary Combi Brush


55 cm

75 cm

45 cm

55 cm

60 cm

90 cm

45 cm

55 cm

Ceramic Tiles

Areas of Application

Push and dry: water, cleaning solutions, oils, acids, solvents Push and dry: Water, liquids, solvents Pushing liquids, bulk solids and coarse dirt Scrubbing, pushing and drying: water, cleaning solutions

Rubber grips

Red neoprene rubber (Chlorophen, foam material) Black neoprene rubber (Chlorophen, foam material) EPDM (Ethylene-propylene-diene) Natural rubber (black and natural foam material

Dual Blade

Inserts & Threads

Universal socket Universal socket Conical universal socket ACME-Thread

Wood (Inside/Outside)


Tartan Track

Rubble Stone/Stoneare

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