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Unger ErgoTec Pouch BSPOU, best selling large capacity pouch. Great value for money, fits most belts. Made from strong & lightweight Nylon

Customer questions:

What can I use my Unger ErgoTec POUCH BSPOU for? You can use it for carrying a number of things, but the most popular use is for carrying damp Scrim cloths and small tools like scrapers.

How many pockets does it have? It has three pockets. The larger open twin pocket provides the main storage, you might use this for carrying cloths. The smaller front pocket has Velcro a flap and you might use this for carrying smaller personal items.

What belts can I use with this pouch? You can use this pouch with a variety of belts. If you would like a belt with loops, Unger have such a belt. Or you can use a simple belt. The Unger ErgoTec POUCH BSPOU has a Velcro type of flat for fastening to your belt.

What width of belt will fit the pouch? You can use belts with a width of 2" 50mm, provided that your belt buckles are not too large to be threaded through the pouch.

Helpful Information:

You can keep a dry and a damp scrim cloth in the separate twin pockets of the open pouch.

Although the pouch is well made and robust, it is not designed to be waterproof. This is important to remember if you put anything valuable in it, such as a mobile phone in the front pocket.

Product Information:

Size: 14.5" 37cm Long x 12" 30cm Wide

Material: Light and strong Nylon

Colour: Black with Unger logo.

1 review for Unger ErgoTec POUCH BSPOU

  1. Darren Jones (verified owner)

    A very well made strong sturdy pouch by unger amazing value for the price highly recommend this product

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