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Unger Paper Picker PPPP0

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Unger Paper Picker PPPP0, a simple, quick and easy to use litter picker. A lightweight tool with a strong metal pin for removing litter.

Product Information: Unger Paper Picker PPPP0

Unger Paper Picker PPPP0 is the perfect litter picker for everyday use. It combines the strength of a rust resistant shaft with a strong metal pin capable of punching through Aluminium cans and most litter.

Unger product codes:

  • PPPP0 Paper Picker
  • PINP0 Replacement pin only


  • Comfortable handle
  • Sharp Steel pin
  • Rust resistant shaft
  • Anti-fatigue design with long shaft to reduce bending or back strain
  • Sharp replaceable metal pin
  • Lightweight construction
  • 100cm long
  • Classic design

Customer Questions:

Can I buy replacement pins? Yes, use the product selection option and choose the pin only.

Does the paper picker have a safety cover for the pin? It has small protective sleeve that protects it during transport. It is not a part that is kept once the picker enters service.

Do I need any special tools to change the pin? The pin is held in place by a cross-head screw on the paper pickers shaft. A suitable screw driver will be required.

What sort of things can I pick up with the paper picker? It is ideal for piercing objects like Aluminium cans and paper litter.

How do I use the paper picker? Although the individual situation varies from job to job, the general method stays the same. First pierce the litter and lift the item carefully placing it in a suitable container. Use may need to carefully use the rim of the container to help slide the litter off the pin.

Helpful Information:

Take care when handling dangerous items. Items of litter that are not hazardous could be put in a strong plastic bag or a NiftyNabber bag.

Firstly. wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Secondly, it should include such items as suitable gloves and footwear. It may also include appropriate HI-VIZ clothing.

Lastly, the Paper Picker only requires cleaning after use if necessary. Also it can be stored by hanging safely from the handle.

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