Unger OmniClean Kit

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Floor cleaning more efficient, hygienic and safer than ever before
Compact and lightweight double bucket for damp and wet mopping of floors.
Ergonomic floor mopping and wringing out of the mop without bending down.
The intuitive two-chamber system ensures hygienic cleaning results by excluding the re-application of the dirty water.
Effective mop preparation with visual inspection – without touching it.
Hygiene: 2 times more effective at removing microbes* than traditional floor cleaning systems.

Efficiency: Over 40 % faster than conventional floor cleaning systems

Safety: Cleaned surfaces dry twice as fast* and therefore minimize the risk of accidents

Product Information: OmniClean Spot Cleaning Kit

For selective cleaning of small to medium-sized areas


OmniClean S telescopic handle with tank and release mechanism
OmniClean Pad mop holder 40 cm
2 × OmiClean microfibre pads 40 cm (CLMFPD)
erGO! Tank 1000 ml (FABTL)
erGO! Tank 500 ml (FABTS)
Retaining clip for two erGO! Tanks
OmniClean Cart with curved handle and hanging pocket
2 × Storage container
6 l bucket with integrated scrub board (dirty water)
Labels for colour coding
Telescopic dust pan (EDTBG)

Unger product code: CLSPKD

Product Information: OmniClean Double Bucket Kit

For damp and wet mopping of medium to large areas


OmniClean Telescopic handle without tank, straight
OmniClean Pad mop holder 40 cm
OmniClean Microfibre pad 40 cm (CLMFPD)
OmniClean Cart with straight handle
Bucket 6 l (clean water)
6 l bucket with integrated scrub board (dirty water)
Labels for colour coding

Unger product code: CLBK1D

Helpful Information:

Using colour coding prevents cross-contamination. Also mops can be used along with other similar colour co-ordinates products for cleaning specific locations, such as buckets and cloths.

RED: Toilets, washrooms and baby change areas.
GREEN: Kitchen and food preparation areas.
BLUE: Foyer, classrooms and auditorium.

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