Unger nLITE Pole Kits

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Unger nLITE Pole Kits. Carbon composite & 24K Carbon telescopic pole options. Complete with brush, hose, extension adapter and angle adapter.

Product Information:

Unger nLITE Pole Kits, see contents below. A milestone in pure water cleaning. The new nLITE Carbon Composite and 24K Carbon water fed poles offer outstanding performance. Easy to hold and use, the no twisting shape also improves stability and reduces wear.

Kit Content: CC85H

  • CC85T Telescopic main pole, 6 sections, 28' 8,60m. Weight 2.2kg
  • NGS15 Angle adapter kit S, 15 cm
  • NFF28 Power brush complete, 28 cm
  • DLS25 DuroFlex hose, 25 m, Ø 5mm bore

Kit Content: CF12H

  • CF86G Telescopic main pole, 6 sections, 28' 8,60 m. Weight 1.84kg.
  • CF33G Telescopic extension pole, 2 sections, 10' 3,20 m
  • NLHCC Extension adapter
  • NGS30 Angle adapter kit M, 42 cm
  • NFK28 Power brush complete, 28 cm
  • DLS25 DuroFlex hose, 25 m, Ø 5mm bore

Characteristics of the new nLITE range:

  • PrecisionGrip pole form
  • For ergonomic working and making best use of your strength
  • More precise control of the cleaning movement and high force transmission
  • Uninterrupted work due to non-twisting pole
  • SmartLock clamps
  • Easy and quick to close with just one finger
  • Robust 2C material
  • Clamp mechanism that protects the carbon material and ensures a long service life for the pole
  • Extension stop prevents pulling out pole elements too far
  • Integrated hose management
  • Internal routing of the new, highly flexible DuroFlex hose in the telescopic pole for trouble-free work on windows and facades
  • Complete flexibility: external routing possible thanks to optional nLite clips
  • Composite Pole Resilience: 100 GPa (Gigapascal is a unit of measure of material strength)
  • 24K Carbon Resilience: 210 GPa (Gigapascal is a unit of measure of material strength)

Safety Information:

Are there any special safety precautions I need to take while using the pole? Yes, when using this or any other Carbon pole care needs to be taken to avoid overhead power lines and cables. Carbon is an excellent electrical conductor and contact with an electrical source could result in serious injury or death from electrocution. Also do not use during electrical storms as being struck by lightning may cause injury or death.


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