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Unger nLITE connect HiMod carbon Poles

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Unger nLITE Connect HiMod and Ultra HiMod Poles. Also, a choice of pole lengths, recommended for working at heights of up to 20 m. Excellent rigidity and weight thanks to modern construction technology.

Product Information: Unger nLITE connect HiMod carbon Poles

The Unger nLITE HiMod carbon Poles are available in the following sizes. Please note that the pole does not include the brush, hose or angle adapters.

Part No Open




Sctns Wt


Carbon type
UC35G 3.41 1.91 2 0.7 HiMod
UC67G 6.63 1.87 4 1.5 HiMod
UH35G 3.41 1.91 2 0.7 Ultra HiMod
UH67G 6.63 1.87 4 1.5 Ultra HiMod

Characteristics of the nLITE connect HiMod carbon range:

  • Recommended for working at heights of up to 20 m
  • Telescopic Master Pole. Excellent rigidity thanks to modern construction technology. Incl. Thread Adapter and Endcap.
  • Ultimate material strength: 360 GPa for the HiMod and 760 GPa for the Ultra HiMod
  • Yellow visual warning area to avoid unintentional separation.

The following are available as optional extras:

  • Brushes, tubing, gooseneck

Characteristics of the nLITE HiMod range: Flexibility, Rigidity, Superlight pole

The innovative nLite Connect range utilises both telescopic and modular concepts, so you can add on or remove

Extension Poles for comfortable cleaning at any height.
The Diameter of the nLite Connect pole you are holding will never exceed 35 mm, irrespective of the number of Extension Poles.
The maximum number of Extension Poles that can be added to a Master Pole depends on the pole material – see guide above for details.

1x Master (UC67G) + max. 4x Extension (UC35G) max. 20 m/6th floor

Safety Information:

Are there any special safety precautions I need to take while using the pole? Yes, when using this or any other Carbon pole care needs to be taken to avoid overhead power lines and cables. Carbon is an excellent electrical conductor and contact with an electrical source could result in serious injury or death from electrocution. Also do not use during electrical storms as being struck by lightning may cause injury or death.

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