Unger nLITE Clips NLHKP

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Unger nLITE Clips NLHKP for routing the pole hose outside your new nLITE pole.
IMPORTANT: You can not use this part with the old V1 nLITE range.
Comes in packs of 6.

The New nLITE Product Range

Why should I be interested in the new Unger nLITE range of poles and accessories? Some points that you will appreciate about this range of poles and accessories, they are lighter, more precise and faster.

What should I look out for in this new pole? A lot of thought has gone into every part of its design to help you work efficiently and safely. From the unique section profile that you hold, and right down to the smallest lever that you open and close.

For example, firstly, you will be impressed by the clever design of the SmartLock Clamps and the ease of just one finger operation. Secondly, even the integrated hose management system has been well thought out for window cleaners like yourself. And finally, the best feature is the PrecisionGrip pole form and how it feels in your hands. You will find the new Unger nLITE range of poles and accessories both practical and a pleasure to use.

If I would like more information on the new Unger nLITE pole range and accessories please contact us or you can visit the Unger UK website.

Where can I go to find more information? The full range of the new Unger nLITE poles and accessories are available for you at very competitive prices.

So, should I buy one? The choice is yours, but remember, Unger have always been a brand leader you can trust.

Customer Questions:

I would like to fit and use the Ex-Ceed UniValve with my pole, is this possible? Yes you can be fitted and used on the new Unger nLITE range of poles. Alternatively, you can use the Unger Flow Regulator NLWVI.

Can I buy any accessories for my new pole? As you would expect the Unger nLITE range of poles come with a variety of useful accessories, including a choice of brushes and angle adapters.

Do I have a choice of pole lengths? You can also choose pole lengths between 10' 3.2m and 68' 20.8m. So you can reach up to the 6th floor of most buildings.

What choices of pole materials do I have? You have a choice of four materials starting with the Carbon Composite range and goes all the way up to the Ultra HiMod Carbon.

Can I use my old nLITE pole extensions with my new pole and save a bit of money? No, the old and new systems are not compatible and you can not use them together.

Can I get spare parts for my pole and accessories? Yes, a good range of spare parts are available for your pole. However not all accessories have spare parts for you to buy.

Product Details:

Do I need to use these Unger nLITE Clips NLHKP with my new pole? If you want to route the pole hose outside the pole, these clips fit onto the pole clamps making that possible. They come in a packet of 6 clips and fitting instructions.

Why do you refer to the Unger nLITE Clips NLHKP as V2? This is because they are designed for the new Unger nLITE range, so you do not use these with the older nLITE pole range.

What Unger code do I need in order to order them? You will need the Unger code NLHKP.

How many do I need? The clips come in packs of six, so if you count the number of clamps this will give you the number that you need. However, you may wish to order a few extra, so that you have some spares.

Do I need to use these clips? If you route the hose within the pole however, you will not require these clips.


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