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Unger Ninja PROTECTOR BBPRO for the Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt. A useful spare part. Easily fitted and used to protect squeegee rubber.

Product Information: Unger Ninja PROTECTOR BBPRO

The Unger Ninja PROTECTOR BBPRO is little rubber insert will protect your Stainless Steel and Brass channels. Its designed to prevent the squeegee rubber from wearing out. This can happen when placing the squeegee in the bucket slot. Simply put the insert on the wall between the squeegee slots, it is very easy and it only goes one way.

It is fitted to the Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt when using a Stainless Steel and Brass squeegee channels. If the Ninja Bucket on a Belt is being used with the extruded Aluminium Ninja channel, then the Protector can be removed.

Unger product code: BBPRO

Ninja Product Range:

Compatible Products for the Unger Ninja Range:

All telescopic window cleaning poles that have the ErgoTec end cone, such as the OptiLoc and TelePlus ranges. Also most applicator sleeves if they are available in the required size and squeegee rubber. As well as that many other accessories are also compatible such as belts and pouches.

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