Unger ErgoTec Ninja squeegee

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Unger Ninja Squegee, the award-winning professional Squeegee for window cleaning. Available in two options. Both are full of great user friendly features.

Product Information: Unger ErgoTec Ninja squeegee complete

Unger ErgoTec Ninja squeegee complete is a brilliant combination of two great products.

The Unger Ninja CHANNEL is made from extruded aircraft aluminium. Also, these channels come complete with Unger premium Pro Rubber. These Channels require Ninja End Clips.

The Unger Ninja Ergonomic handle with 180° swivel which is an handle with TriLoc mechanism for secure hold of the channel.

Unger product codes for the complete 40˚ version:

EN250, EN350 and EN450 (18")

Unger product codes for the complete 30˚ version:

E3300, E3350 or E3450 (18")

Product Information: Unger ErgoTec Ninja handle

The Unger Ninja HANDLE is a durable and lightweight handle. Its purposeful design delivers superior performance without causing excessive strain on arms and shoulders.

Although it will fit most telescopic poles with a push cones, it has been designed to fit poles that use the ErgoTec end cone (as used on Unger TelePlus and OptiLoc pole systems) which provides positive locking of the Handle to the pole - a must for safety.

Product Codes:

  • 30˚ Handle E3000
  • 40˚ Handle EN000, best for use with pole, deep ledges and frames.

Key features of the Ninja Handle

  • 180˚ Swivel Control with adjustable tension - perfect for pole work.
  • Innovative locking mechanism to secure the swivel head in the centre position.
  • Non slip handle texture for excellent grip.
  • Now available in 30° or 40° head angle version to suit your personal preference or specific cleaning needs.
  • TriLoc Channel Locking mechanism prevents the channel from accidental falling out - ideal for working at height.
  • Compatible with Unger Locking Cone for secure fit to poles.
  • Smart appearance.
  • Textured thumb area for greater control.

Ninja Product Range:

Compatible Products for the Unger Ninja Range:

All telescopic window cleaning poles that have the ErgoTec end cone, such as the OptiLoc and TelePlus ranges. Also most applicator sleeves if they are available in the required size and squeegee rubber. As well as that many other accessories are also compatible such as belts and pouches.

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1 review for Unger ErgoTec Ninja squeegee

  1. Tony

    Really like the Ninja Squeegee with the aluminium channels. Light and ergonomic, it effortlessly glides over the glass. I don’t give it 5 stars because the price is a little bit too high in my opinion.

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