Unger Ninja CHANNEL

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Unger Ninja CHANNEL top of the range professional squeegee channel. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit every type of cleaning job.

Unger Code Size
AC200 8″ 20cm
AC250 10″ 25cm
AC300 12″ 30cm
AC350 14″ 35cm
AC450 18″ 45cm
AC550 22″ 55cm
AC650 26″ 65cm
AC750 30″ 75cm
AC920 36″ 92cm
AC105 42″ 105cm

Product Information: Unger Ninja CHANNEL

The Unger Ninja CHANNEL is made of a strong yet lightweight hard anodised extruded Aluminium. Its purposeful design delivers superior performance without causing excessive strain on arms and shoulders. The revolutionary end clip that provide frame protection and easy rubber positioning. Ninja channels are fitted with the excellent Unger Pro soft squeegee rubber. Please note: These Ninja channels can only be used with the Unger Ninja squeegee Handle.

Key features of the Ninja Channel

  • Wide range of available sizes
  • Smart appearance.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Non-rust extruded Aluminium construction.
  • More rigid than Stainless Steel and Brass channels.

Available sizes and product codes for the Ninja Channel range:

Unger Code Size
AC200 8" 20cm
AC250 10" 25cm
AC300 12" 30cm
AC350 14" 35cm
AC450 18" 45cm
AC550 22" 55cm
AC650 26" 65cm
AC750 30" 75cm
AC920 36" 92cm
AC105 42" 105cm

Ninja Product Range:

Compatible Products for the Unger Ninja Handle & Channel

All telescopic window cleaning poles that have the ErgoTec end cone, such as the OptiLoc and TelePlus ranges. Also most applicator sleeves if they are available in the required size and squeegee rubber. As well as that many other accessories are also compatible such as belts and pouches.


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