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Unger NiftyNabber Trigger Grip

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Unger NiftyNabber Trigger Grip, popular and well priced litter picker. Available in a range of useful lengths. Lightweight and easy to use.

Product Information: Unger NiftyNabber Trigger Grip

The Unger NiftyNabber Trigger Grip Picker is the perfect litter picker for everyday use. It combines the strength of Aluminium with a lightweight design that easy to use for extended periods of time. NiftyNabber is a registered trademark of Unger.

Unger product codes:

  • 63cm NT060
  • 83cm NT080
  • 93cm NT090
  • 102cm NT100


  • Rotating head that locks each 90˚
  • Magnetic claws help pick up ferrous metals
  • Anti-fatigue design
  • Rust resistant Aluminium construction
  • Choice of lengths
  • Powerful grip that holds up to 4.5kg
  • Responsive trigger design
  • Jaws open to 10cm

Customer Questions:

What is the NiftyNabber made of? It has a glass-reinforced plastic handle. Also the shaft is made from rust resistant Aluminium for dependable use over a long time. It has magnetic tipped claws,

What sort of things can I pick up with litter pickers? Firstly the NiftyNabber has been with powerful jaws which are strong enough to hold a variety of small or oddly shaped objects. These include objects like broken glass, cigarettes or coins. Secondly, the handle design allows the operator to exert enough grip for many commonly found items of litter.

How wide will the jaws open? The jaws can open to 10cm wide.

How do I use the pickers? Although the individual situation varies from job to job, the general method stays the same. First place the jaws around the item, then squeeze the handle and lift the item carefully placing it in a suitable container.

Helpful Information:

Care needs to be taken when handling dangerous items. Items such as Hypodermic Syringes need carefully placing in a 'Sharps Box' for specialist disposal. Other items of litter that are not hazardous could be put in a strong plastic bag or a NiftyNabber bag.

We recommend that appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) be used when picking up litter. It should include such items as suitable gloves and footwear. It may also include appropriate HI-VIZ clothing.

Lastly, the NiftyNabber only requires cleaning after use if necessary. Also it can be stored by hanging safely.

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