Unger Henry’s Double HOLSTER

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Unger Henry’s Double HOLSTER is still a popular product and well priced. It is light in weight and easy to use. It fits most belts.

Product Information: Unger Henry's Double HOLSTER

Unger Henry's Double HOLSTER has proved its self a useful product for years. Moreover this might be just the product for your needs. Also they are plastic free, good for the environment.

Unger product code? HT000

Customer Questions:

What does the Unger Henry's Double Holster do? It is designed to hold a Squeegee (the top location is notched for the Squeegee Channel) and an Applicator.

What's it made of? It is made of a good quality tanned leather.

Do I need one? It is fair to say that the Bucket on a Belt from Unger, and the SideKick from Ettore and a few other similar products have largely replaced the older leather Holsters. However, some prefer the Holster to the Bucket on a Belt as it is less bulky and can last a long time.

Will it fit my belt? More than likely it will.  Also, it is not designed for quick release. Therefore, the belt you use will need to be fed through the two belt holes. (You may need to remove the plastic belt fittings to feed the belt through). Another good thing is it is not too wide so it does not take up much room on a belt. Window Cleaning Stuff stock a selection of windows cleaners belts that fit this Holster.

Helpful Information:

Wear and Tear? Being leather Holsters often lose their shape and become discoloured. Often this is only a cosmetic issue as the function of the Holster is not affected. Some Holsters are tight at first but become more usable as the leather softens and stretches.



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