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Unger HiFlo Control Kit

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HiFlo™ Control Complete This simple yet ingenious On / Off Switch from Unger allows users to instantly control the flow of water when cleaning with water fed poles. Attach the HiFlo™ Control to the base section of a pole for easy access and water flow adjustment with one swift motion. Additionally, it saves water, time and money – work faster and more efficiently whilst helping the environment.

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How it works: Fit the Unger HiFlo Control Kit onto a pole using the nLite Clips or using the universal Velcro Straps. Twist the yellow screw to unlock and remove the black lever, place the hose inside the HiFlo™ Control central channel. Now replace the lever and lock again with the yellow screw.

To adjust or completely shut off the water supply, press the lever down to squeeze the hose or close it completely. Then resume the flow, release the lever into its original position. Will it fit my pole?: The nLite Clips are optimized to suit 35mm diameter poles best. The Velcro straps will fit 20mm to 70mm diameter poles. Also, the HiFlo™ Control Complete includes both nLite Clips and universal Velcro Straps. Will it fit my hose?: The Control is optimized to work with 9mm external diameter hose. Additionally, you can add a self-adhesive insert (included) to work with 8mm external diameter hose.

Covered by Unger’s 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. HiFlo™ Control Clips. Also, the nLite Clips are optimized to suit 35mm diameter poles best. HiFlo™ Control Velcro Straps Durable black Velcro Straps for fitting the HiFlo™ Control to any 20-70mm diameter pole.


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