Unger SmartColor Handle MH14G

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Unger SmartColor Handle MH14G ideal for hard floor cleaning. Lightweight Aluminium handle for use with Unger SmartColor accessories.

Product Information:

The Unger SmartColor Handle MH14G is a light aluminium mop handle. Mop holder clicks into place so it is secure and comfortable to use. Solid and good quality. Comfortable plastic handle. Comfortable plastic Labels included so you can use colour coding. Size: 23mm.

Unger SmartColor Range
Code Description Product
COMBG 30L Double Bucket SmartColor COMBO 30 L`
COMSR 15L Double Bucket SmartColor COMBO 15 L
SM40G Holder SmartColor FLAT MOP HANDLE
MH14G Handle SmartColor MOP HANDLE




Micro Mop 15.0 SmartColor MICRO MOP 15.0




Micro Mop 7.0 SmartColor MICRO MOP 7.0




Spill Mop SmartColor SPILL MOP 1L

Customer Questions:

What does a Unger Handle do? It is a Handle (or pole) that fits a wide range of cleaning tools in the Unger SmartColor range.

How strong is it? The shaft is made of light but tough Aluminium, the screw threaded base insert is made of a durable plastic, and the comfortable hand grip is made of a suitably long lasting grey plastic.

What is the Unger product code for the Handle? MH14G

How comfortable is it to use? Besides having a sturdy feel, the Handle is very ‘user friendly’. The hand grip is a good size and the smooth Aluminium shaft is a good diameter for a positive hand grip.

How easy to use is it? You simply connect the Handle onto the cleaning tool of your choice. If you need to change the tool, just change the existing tool and replace it with the one that you now want.


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