Unger Georgian Windows Cleaning Kit

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Unger Georgian Windows Cleaning Kit for traditional window cleaning. A high quality kit comes with an Unger squeegee and applicator.

Product Information: Georgian Window Kit

Unger Georgian Windows Cleaning Kit is perfect for those smaller windows using a traditional squeegee. Additionally, extra height can be achieved by using an Unger Telescopic pole

Georgian Window Kit Contents:

  • Squeegee: Stainless Steel Handle with soft grip and 6" 15cm Stainless Steel Channel and Rubber
  • Aluminium T Bar with Plastic Grip plus 6" 15cm Monsoon Sleeve (machine washable up to 500 times)

Helpful Information: Georgian Window Cleaning Kit

You can wash the Sleeve to remove the build up of soap and dirt. Also, when you wash it, wash it at a low temperature with only a small amount of detergent and no conditioner. Additionally, you are best to air dry and not to tumble dry your Sleeve.

Also, replacement rubber is available for the Unger squeegee, we recommend using Unger Pro Rubber.

Window Cleaning Basics:

  • Firstly, brush away cobwebs and debris using a suitable soft bristled brush
  • Make up the cleaning solution in a bucket and wet the applicator sleeve. Shake off excessive liquid
  • Next, apply the detergent to the window
  • If required a suitable window scraper may be needed to remove stubborn marks
  • Now Squeegee clean each pane of glass starting at the top. As you go, wipe excess detergent from window surrounds to prevent streaks
  • Finally, clean tools and store safely for next time

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