Unger Handle Brass GS000

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Unger Handle Brass GS000 high quality window cleaning squeegee handle. Fits most Brass squeegee channels. Great value and easy to use.

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Product Information: Unger Handle Brass GS000

Unger Handle Brass GS000 is a comfortable squeegee handle designed for use with Unger GC Brass Channels. Additionally, it is fitted with a bottom retaining plate that holds the channel (and rubber) in place. Retaining plate can be loosened and tightened with two screws.

Product code: GS000

Features of the Unger Brass Handle:

  • Unger quality product
  • Angled head design for effective cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • Smart appearance and easy to hold and use
  • Lightweight Brass construction
  • Fits most Brass channels

Customer Questions: Unger Brass Handle

What does this handle do? It is part of a squeegee. When fitted with a channel it is used to remove the detergent from windows.

Will this handle fit other makes of channel? Yes it will fit a few other makes of channel. However, for the best fit use it with Unger GC Brass Channels.

Can I use it with an Unger Stainless Steel Channels? No it will not fit.

Do I need to use end clips with this handle? Yes, the bottom plate will only hold the channel and not the rubber.

Are there replacement parts for this handle? No, unfortunately there are no replacement parts available.

Will it fit my traditional telescopic window cleaning pole? It will fit a number of poles. However we recommend using it with an Unger traditional window cleaning pole. It is a taper fit and not the ErgoTec locking type of fit.

What else do I need in order to clean my windows? You need an applicator to put the detergent on to the window, and a suitable detergent.

Helpful Information: Unger Brass Handle

Unger Brass Squeegee handles will dull in appearance, with normal use over time. This is does not effect the performance of the handle.

Many window cleaners will wear gloves in colder weather when using this handle as it can often become cold.

Please note :Handle can become slippery when wet.


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