Unger Ergo Dust Pan

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Unger Ergo Dust Pan the ergonomic design makes cleaning easier. Telescopic handles on the brush and pan are adjustable in height for the EDTBG version.

Product Information: Unger Ergo Dust Pans EDPBR & EDTBG

Unger Ergo Dust Pan is a convenient tool for quickly and efficiently removing litter from public areas such as lobbies and corridors. It is easy to store and carry between different locations. Often it does not require areas to be out of use while cleaning is in progress.

Unger Product Code: EDTBG for Telescopic and EDPBR for standard handle


  • Ergonomic design
  • Telescopic handles on brush and pan for operator comfort (EDTBG only)
  • Strong but lightweight construction
  • Pan tilts when lifted and at the same time closes lid.
  • Easy to empty
  • holds waste securely

Customer Questions: Ergo Dust Pan

Will I be able to use this Ergo Dust Pan in outside areas? It can be used outside, and it is particularly useful for paved outside areas around building entrances. However, it may be more practical to use the Unger NiftyNabber Litter Pick or the Unger NiftyNabber Trigger Grip for nonpaved and larger areas.

Will I be able to sweep liquids with the Unger Dust Pan? No, it is not designed to sweep up liquids. It can be used to sweep up litter lightweight that is damp or wet. However, the dust pan and brush should be cleaned and dried after use.

Product Care: Ergo Dust Pan

There are a few points to remember. Firstly, store in a secure and dry location. Secondly, always empty and clean after use.

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