Unger CONE NCA00

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Unger CONE NCA00 for all Unger traditional poles with removable cones. A low cost replacement part that is easy to fit to Unger poles.

Product Information: Unger CONE NCA00

The Unger CONE NCA00 is for attaching or screwing on tools to the end of your Unger telescopic pole. The Cone is inserted into pole and locks in place by a spring clip.

Product code: NCA00

Customer Questions:

What does the Unger Cone do?  It fits on the top of Unger traditional telescopic window cleaning poles. Currently it is fitted as standard to the OS range of telescopic poles. Although it will fit other Unger poles such as the OptiLoc and TelePlus range of poles these have ErgoTec Cones fitted as standard.

What are some of the design features of the Unger Cone? Firstly, it has a large screw thread at the end that is common to a number of telescopic poles. Secondly, this screw thread will fit a wide range of dusting accessories and DIY tools. The tapered flutes are designed to provide a push-fit to a wide range of window cleaning and dusting tools. Lastly, the spring clip locks the cone in place.

What’s the difference between this cone and the ErgoTec Cone? The biggest difference is that the ErgoTec Cone has a locking mechanism for compatible tools, such as Squeegees and T Bars in the ErgoTec range. (ErgoTec locking ensures positive tool attachment).

Does the Unger Cone fit the Unger Angle Joints? Yes

Tip: Although many tools (Squeegees, Applicators etc.) are interchangeable with this cone; to ensure compatibility choose tools from the Unger range.


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