Unger CLOTH MicroWipe Green

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Unger’s MicroWipe microfiber window cleaning cloths have proved a very popular alternative to Scrim.
Sizes: Large MF60L 80cm x 60cm (32″ x 24) and Small MF40L 40cm x 40cm (16″ x 16″)
Colour: Green
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Unger CLOTH MicroWipe Green

Unger Cloth MicroWipe Green is a microfiber cloth made with ultra thin microfibers. These provide extra cleaning plus give the cloth high absorption of liquid.
What are the Unger product codes? Large (80cm x 60cm 32” x 24”) is MF60L and Small (40cm x 40cm 16” x 16”) is MF40L
What’s so good about them? In two words, Cleaning Power.Firstly, The Unger MicroWipe has great cleaning power, whether you use it dry or damp.  Secondly, the microfiber construction means that these cloths can absorb water up to 6 times its own weight.

Where can I use them? It is not just window cleaners who can use these Microwipe Cloths. People use them for both internal and external cleaning of glass, mirrors and also other smooth surfaces. You can use them dry for dusting, wiping ornaments or to remove a variety of marks such as fingerprints from glass. If you make the cloth damp it will be effective for more rigorous cleaning, and on glass for removing dirt and greasy marks. Because no chemicals are required, the Unger MicoWipe are very useful and versatile.

Tip: The Unger MicroWipe has a smooth so they are ideal if you want to us them for polishing a surface. It also has a slightly rougher side which is ideal for deeper cleaning.
How many times can I wash them? Unger say the MicroWipe can be washed up to 500 times. Please note do not use fabric conditioners during washing.  Use only a small amount of detergent and let the cloths air dry, if possible.

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  1. Bruce Joyce

    Using scrim for a long time and could see no reason to change. Tried one of these, converted. Great for frames.

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