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Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt BB010

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The Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt BB010 helps you keeps your tools at your side. You can avoid climbing up and down ladders. The Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt BB010 comes with a sturdy quick release strap for easy removal from belt and holds about 500ml of cleaning liquid. Holds two squeegees, one washer and a scraper. Will now hold the Unger Ninja squeegee.
Now with removable rubber insert for Unger S-Channels.
Colour: Black

Customer Questions:

What is the Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt BB010? The Ninja Bucket on a Belt will hold one Applicator and two Squeegees and one pocket scraper. The Bucket on a Belt is designed to be carried around on a belt about the waist making it easy to reach your tools.

Why do I need one? It makes you look smart and it is also a convenient way to carry window cleaning tools. It will also useful for you if you do ladder work, as only one hand is required to grab a tool.
Why the Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt BB010? You can use it whether you are left or right handed. Also, besides holding the tools you need to clean windows, the distinctive black colour, the soft curved corners of the rounded design show that it is well designed. Additionally, it has a quick release belt clip so that the bucket part can be removed when travelling.
Do I still need a window cleaning bucket? Yes. You will need to rinse the Applicator frequently to keep it clean.

Product Information:

What size of Applicator can you fit in a Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt? The 'best fit' size is 14" 35cm, with 10" 25cm coming a close second. Larger Applicators (18" 45cm and above) will fit but can stick up and soak your clothes or catch your arm. However, small Applicators (6" 15cm) are a bit too small to stay in the Bucket on a Belt safely.

What size of Squeegee fits the Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt BB010? Most standard Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass Squeegees between 10" 25cm and 16" 40cm will fit. Also, the problem you will have with smaller Squeegees is that they can fall out easily and the problem with larger Squeegees is that they can catch on your arm as you move because they stick up to high.
Finally, what size of Pocket Scraper will fit in a Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt? Pocket Scraper 4cm 1.5" (code SGA03) and the Ettore Pocket Scraper 4cm 1.5"  (Code SGE01). The Unger ErgoTec Pocket Scraper is not a good fit.

Helpful Information

It has a low centre of gravity so will tend to stay vertical and not wet your leg or shoes when you walk or climb a ladder.

Tip: Dirty water from the Applicator can gather in the bucket part, so give it a wash and rinse out with warm water after use.

Product Data:

What's the Unger product code? BB010 EAN Code: 4017942400405

2 reviews for Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt BB010

  1. Michael Peterson

    The size of this bucket on belt is perfect. I don’t think I can carry as many tools as I do in any other model. I don’t give it 5 stars because I think…in general, buckets on belts are too expensive for what they are.

  2. Bone

    It has been tweaked over the years. Now with the rubber protector it is just about there. The scraper holder is ok if using the standard pocket scraper.

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