Unger BUCKET 28L QB220

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Unger BUCKET 28L QB220 the big professional window cleaners bucket. The large capacity and oblong shape is perfect for longer applicators.

Product Information: Unger BUCKET 28L QB220

This BIG GREEN Unger Bucket and has a capacity of 28L and is large enough to hold a 45cm 18" applicator.

Unger Product Code: QB220


  • Robust but lightweight construction
  • Strong easy to hold carrying handle
  • Optional accessories available, see blow
  • Stylish design, green with the Unger logo on one side

Customer Questions:

Why should I buy this bucket? It make cleaning windows easier for you as It holds the soapy water used for washing windows. Also window cleaners buckets are normally longer than normal mop buckets so that your applicator can be immersed easily within the bucket.

What size of applicator will I be able to fit in the Unger 28L bucket hold? This bucket is designed to hold the most popular applicator size - 18" 45cm (or smaller) so you can carry theses simply.

Can I use it with longer than 45cm 18" applicators? Yes, you can be used for larger size Applicators, however they cannot be immersed in one go.

Is it easy for me to carry? This Bucket also has a comfortable handle.

Can I buy tool hangers or a lid for this bucket? Yes, both a Lid and Sieve are available. Please note that the Sieve must be removed before fitting the lid.

What is the bucket made of? It is made of tough and durable moulded polypropylene, which with the proper care should give you good service.

What is the best window cleaning detergent for me to use in this bucket? We supply a wide range of detergents, including Moerman Squeeze Deluxe and Unger Liquid.

Helpful Information:

Rinse and wipe clean after use. Always position the bucket in a safe position during use.

The bucket also a flat bottom making it stable on the ground. And finally, do not allow liquid to freeze in the bucket.


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