Unger nLite Radius BRUSH

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The Unger nLite Radius Brush fits poles systems with a German thread. Additionally this popular brush comes complete with two pencil jets, hose and Y connector for 5mm bore hose.

Product Information: Unger nLite Radius Brush

Designed as part of the Unger nLite V1 range, the Unger nLite Radius BRUSH will fit most standard water fed poles.

IMPORTANT: Not currently compatible with the new V2 nLite range.


Radius Brush 27cm 408g Unger Code NLR27 (2-Additional jets may be fitted)
Radius Brush 40cm 579g Unger Code NLR40 (6-Additional jets may be fitted)
Weights include jets, connector and hose.

Fan Jets, our Code NLITE030 Unger Code NLBJF
Pencil Jets, Our Code NLITE037 Unger Code NLBJP
Jets can be easily fitted into multiple positions by Unger's twist lock system. Two jet options are available pencil jets (for hydrophilic glass) and fan jets (for hydrophobic glass). Sold in packs of two.
nLite Hose for Jets NLITE028
Lastly, when additional jets are purchased, additional hose packs are needed to connect to the pole hose. Each pack contains the necessary hose and fitting required for two additional jets.

How do I choose the correct water fed brush for me?

Will it fit my pole? For many years there was very little variation in pole design. Most brushes had the universal German thread, and this fitted most poles. This is no longer the situation. Most manufacturers now have ranges of poles that require a unique connection to their pole. However, sometimes it is possible to change or adapt the pole or use a different sock to make the pole and brush match.

What size brush is best for me? By far the most popular brush size is 10” 25cm. This is a good combination of size and weight. The next most popular size is 14” 35cm, however other sizes, larger and smaller are available. The trade off is the time taken to do a job – better with a larger brush; against the extra weight of a larger brush. It is your choice.

What about all these brush shapes and options? There are again a growing number of shapes. But the two most popular shapes are rectangular and radius. These both come with a choice of bristle firmness. Also, some brushes have a choice of fan or pencil jets. Rather than explain the pros and cons of each combination, we can tell you what is the most popular among your fellow window cleaners. Namely, two brush types stand out and both fitted with two pencil jets. Firstly the 10” 25cm soft rectangular brush and secondly the 10” 25cm medium radius brush.

Helpful Information:

Please note: Some manufactures refer to 10” 26cm instead od 10” 25cm.

If in doubt, just send use a picture of the pole brush that you currently have and we will contact you with some available alternatives.

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