Tulsion Resin MB115 25L

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Tulsion Resin MB115 25L top quality mixed bed resin makes pure water. Economical to use. Popular with window cleaners using water fed systems.



Product Information: Tulsion Resin MB115 25L

The worldwide company Thermax Ltd knows how to make award winning chemicals. A good example is the TULSION brand of Ion Exchange Resins. For over 35 years Tulsion Resin MB115 25L has remained a premium product and is now used by window cleaners involved in pure water cleaning.

Thermax Tulsion MB115 Specification

Thermax Tulsion MB115 msds sheet

Customer Questions:

What is Tulsion Resin MB115? It is fine, virgin mixed bed resin that you use to make pure water.

What do I need to help me avoid waste when filling my DI Vessel? You might find it useful to use a  scoop and a funnel.

How do I keep and store my resin in good condition? You should keep it in a dry and frost free location. It is best that you keep the bag as air tight as possible during storage once the bag has been opened.

Does Tulsion Resin MB115 come in smaller bags? No, you can not buy this resin in smaller bags at this time.

Is this a polishing resin? No, Tulsion Resin MB115 is better quality than resins sold for polishing, like MB111.

How long will my Tulsion resin last me? It is not possible for us to say. The life of the resin will depend upon the quality of your water supply and the amount of water you use to clean your windows.

Can I use Tulsion resin as part of a RO System? Yes, if you filter the water through a RO System first and then the water is pumped through the DI Vessel, it will extend the length of the resin.

Using The Resin:

When do I change my resin? You should change your resin when you see spots on the windows or when your TDS meter shows a reading around 5.

Helpful Information:

Over recent years you may have seen a fluctuation in the price of resin along with, at times shortages in supply. Unfortunately we do not see this situation improving for the foreseeable future. We therefore recommend that you keep a small stock of resin in reserve. Depending upon how much you use, you might well keep a three month supply at all times. This will protect you from shortages in supply. If you can do this and have suitable space for storage, please remember to use your older resin as you replenish your stocks.


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