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Streamline GXTEL Trolley Bundle

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Streamline Trolley System Bundle

Streamline Code:

  • SK272-252-011 25L Trolley with GXTEL17E pole
  • SK472-252-011 50L Trolley with GXTEL17E pole
  • SK272-294-011 25L Trolley with GXTEL30E Pole
  • SK472-294-011 50L Trolley with GXTEL30E Pole

Simply fill the container with tap water and it’s ready to work.
Everything you need to start water fed window cleaning. Would you like a long pole? See WTS080
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Product Information:

Streamline GXTEL Trolley Bundle is a complete window cleaning kit. Additionally it offer a great combination of performance and manoeuvrability. Simple to use, just fill the removable water containers and fill them with tap water. When the pump is switched on using the digital controller, the pump will pump the water from the containers through the DI Vessel to produce pure water.


Features include:

  • Choice of 25L or 50L capacity
  • Lightweight frame with folding handle and good quality tyres
  • Digital Pump Controller
  • Handheld TDS meter
  • DI Vessel 6.9L
  • Streamline Streamflo 100psi pump
  • Removable gel battery and charger

GXTEL Water fed Pole

The Streamline EcoLine lightweight glass fibre telescopic pole. The innovative locking system allows one hand clamping operation for both left and right handed persons. Extended length 17' 5.2m (22ft reach) or 30' 9.4m (34ft reach)

  • Glass fibre build.
  • Bonded Threaded Collar.
  • 150mm 6" Angle Adaptor.
  • Ergonomic and reliable pole clamps.
  • Lite-5 pole tubing

Streamline Brush HiLo Radius Medium

 HiLo brush. Also known as a sill or radius brush. Monofilament (medium) brush. Weight 382g and Size: 25cm

Streamline Nozzle Kit
The nozzle kit contains 2 pencil jets, also connectors and hose for brush 

Streamline Hose Kit
Streamline Extraflex Hose Kit. Contains 10m of 12mm bore hose for connecting between the trolley and the pole. Includes a shut off tap.

Connector Hoselock Male
Fitting for connecting to the bottom of the pole hose.

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