TRIM2FIT Ladder Feet LF1

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TRIM2FIT Ladder Feet LF1 replacement feet keeping your ladder safe. Designed for most ladders that have metal box section sides.

Product Information: TRIM2FIT Ladder Feet LF1

TRIM2FIT Ladder Feet LF1 are designed for ladders and step ladders with box section frames. When ladder feet wear, this increases the risk of the ladder slipping. Keep your ladder safe by firstly, regular inspection and secondly by replacing worn feet. Each pack contains two feet and fixing screws.

Suitable for Abru, Werner, Zarges, Lyte, Youngman & Titan ladders

Make: Laddermat

Product code: LF1

Why use these feet? Firstly, TRIM2FIT are made of solid rubber and are pre-marked with cutting guides. Secondly, this allows you to trim the feet to exactly fit your ladder. Finally, they can be cut with either a Tenon Saw or a Hack Saw.

Will they fit my ladder? Yes if the box section sizes are as printed below.

Suitable for box sections with external measurements:

  • 89mm x 25mm,
  • 84mm x 25mm,
  • 73mm x 25mm,
  • 64mm x 25mm,
  • 58mm x 25mm

Pack quantity: Two feet and two fixing screws.

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When using a ladder take great care that it is safely and securely position. Also think about other aspects of safety as highlighted below:

Helpful Information:

Are there any special safety precautions I need to take while using the ladder? Yes, when using this or any other Aluminium ladder care needs to be taken to avoid overhead power lines and cables. Metal is an excellent electrical conductor and contact with an electrical source could result in serious injury or death from electrocution. Also do not this or other ladders in an electrical storm, as being struck by lightning can likewise cause series injury or death.


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