Electrical TERMINALS Blue

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Electrical TERMINALS Blue useful parts for your trolley & van systems. Ideal for connections on your battery, pump and controller.

Product Information: Bullet Terminals

Electrical TERMINALS Blue, a choice of electrical crimp terminals are commonly used at 12-Volts. Ideal for connecting your water pump, pump controller and battery. also, you can easily crimp the terminal using a Crimping Tool.These electrical terminals offer a number of advantages. Also, as a general rule use the shielded bullet connectors (female) on the battery side of the circuit, to provide a level of protection against electrical shock and short circuit. Tip: After stripping the cable, make sure that the wire is completely through the terminal and is a couple of mm beyond the crimping part of the terminal, but not too long so causing a potential hazard. Also, run cables so that they are not under tension.


  • Well made
  • Easy to fit and use
  • Low cost
  • Compatible with a wide range of similar products

Ratings & Specifications: Bullet Terminals

  • Bullet Terminals 16A
  • Ring Terminals 30A
  • Colour: Blue
  • Bullet diameter: 5mm
  • Suitable for 2.5mm 14 AWG wire.

Crimp Terminals

Also available are the Crimp, or Splice terminal. This is placed over the existing wire, the additional wire inserted and the block crimped with pliers. Next, the tap splice is crimped over the wire as above.

Features: Splice Connector
  • Firstly, simple to use and low cost spare part
  • Also, excellent electrical connection with out cutting tap or run wires
  • Ideal product for 12 Volt applications

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Firstly, only trained and competent persons should work on electrical installations, even when installing a system that operates at 12 Volt Secondly, always work with the correct tools, in a dry area and with good light.

Finally, as a good rule: If in doubt ask!

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