SYR Polysweep Frame 60cm

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SYR Polysweep Frame 60cm holds the dry floor dusting Polysweep Sleeve. Part of the SYR Interchange range of products. Easy to fit and use.

Product Information:

SYR Polysweep Frame 60cm 24" is often used with the SYR Interchange Handle and SYR Polysweep Sleeves for effective dry dusting of floors. Additionally, Sleeves are available in 3 popular colours, red, blue and green, shown below. Sleeves not included.

SYR Polysweep Sleeve 60cm 24" Red

SYR Polysweep Sleeve 60cm 24"


  • Fits SYR Interchange Handles
  • Swivel Head

SYR Product Code: 920031

SYR Interchange Range

So many options with just one SYR Interchange Handle, simply follow the links below.

SYR Interchange Accessories
Product Description SYR Code
Handle 920047
Deck Brush 920035
Grout Brush 930068
Angled Broom 940164-FLGD 940165-FLGD 940167-FLGD
Freedom Midi Mop 910216 920136 920137 920139
Changer Mop Head 940910
Freedom Maxi Mop Head 910224
Snapper Mop Holder 94651 94652 94653
Floor Scraper 940195
Floor Squeegee 992317 992321
Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee 940951
Pad Holder 920050
SYR Polysweep Sleeve 60cm 24" Red Polysweep Sleeve 850421 910170 910172
Polysweep Frame 920031

Helpful Information:

Using colour coding prevents cross-contamination. Also mops can be used along with other similar colour co-ordinates products for cleaning specific locations, such as buckets and cloths..

RED: Toilets, washrooms and baby change areas.
GREEN: Kitchen and food preparation areas.
BLUE: Foyer, classrooms and auditorium.

More products may be added from time to time.


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