SYR Glimmer Clean 5L

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SYR Glimmer Clean 5L a high quality professional window cleaning liquid. Economical to use. Anti-static formula for good looking windows.


Product Information: SYR Glimmer Clean 5L

SYR Glimmer Clean is one our most popular detergents for traditional window cleaners. It is designed to be both an anti-static detergent and effective at removing soiling and grease. Also, it is used to wash the window or glass before being removed with a squeegee. It is easy to use - just add to water! It is also economical, with a dilution rate of 50 to 1 for normal cleaning.

SYR Safety Data Sheet: SYR-Glimmer-Clean-11.10.171

Features: SYR Glimmer Clean

  • Anti-static formula
  • Economic to use

SYR product code: D800006
Size: 5L

Customer Questions: SYR Glimmer Clean

What is a SYR Glimmer Clean? It is a chemical detergent designed to clean windows and is supplied concentrated and is diluted with water to become a solution.

How much do I use? The ratio of water to detergent is 50 to 1. So for every Litre of water you would add just 20ml of detergent. Also, for a typical house use a bucket and make up between 3L and 5L of solution.

How do I put the solution on to the window? Firstly, most window cleaners will use an Applicator. Other methods include using a sponge or a cloth can be used but are less effective.

Also, how do I remove the solution from the window? The best way is by using a Squeegee. We also supply a wide range of Squeegees, you will find them on this site under Squeegees.

Can't I just use washing up liquid? Many people do. However this product has been developed by SYR specifically for window cleaning and has proved a popular choice of many window cleaners.

Helpful Information: SYR Glimmer Clean

  • Wash applicator sleeve frequently to remove dirt and grime
  • More is not always better, use as little as possible
  • Store in a frost free location
  • For safety keep away from children and pets
  • Read instructions on the back of the bottle before use
  • When finished, wash the applicator sleeve and store dry


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