SYR Floor Maintenance Pads

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SYR Floor Maintenance Pads, are designed use with standard speed rotary machines. Also the pads are available in a choice of three colour coded pads, black, red and tan. Each pad has a specific use. These pads are available in the popular size of 15″ 38cm diameter.

Product Information:

SYR Floor Maintenance Pads are designed for maintenance of hard floors using a professional rotary machine.

Numatic Multi Deck Rotary Machine including Pad Holder

  • Size 15" 38mm (Contact us for 17" Pads)
  • Suitable for standard speed rotary machines
  • Also these pads are economical to use
  • Also pads have a removable centre to facilitate machines with a centre detergent feed
Floor Pad Guide
TAN 940123 Ideal for light cleaning and dry buffing on traditional floors. Additionally, it removes scuffs and black heel marks. Produces high gloss shine.
RED 940103 Dry buffing, ideal for auto scrubber. Restores gloss, removes dirt and scuff marks.
BLACK 940108 For heavy duty wet stripping. Very aggressive to remove wax, dirt and any finish.
BLUE 940120 for wet scrubbing or medium duty spray cleaning. Removes heavy dirt and scuff marks.

Replace when excessively dirty, worn or damaged. Remove pad after use and store flat, but not under the machine. Take care rinsing pad after use.

  • Exceed at soil removal and absorption of the soil residue without impairing performance due to clogging
  • Cushion fit to the contours of uneven floors
  • Splinter free non clogging pads
  • High density fibres and long lasting abrasives
  • Centre hole punch-out for attachment to most rotary floor machines
  • 25mm thick floor pads for rotary floor machines operating at 175rpm to 350rpm
  • SYR Floor Pads are made with water based resins and from used plastic bottles

• Suitable for most hard floor surfaces

Also, remember to work safely by using warning signs where necessary.

SYR Sign "Caution Wet Floor"

Additionally, red and black floor pads are also available for hand use.


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