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STREAMVAC Internal Cleaning System

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STREAMVAC Internal Cleaning System ideal for high level cleaning. Available in two kits, 5m and 8.5m. Includes Numatic 230V vacuum cleaner.

Product Information:

The STREAMVAC™ internal dry vacuum system allows cleaning up to 11.9 metres without the need of ladders or other lifting equipment. Also, the modular pole system enables you to vacuum up dust and dirt in high level applications. Additionally, all attachments are compatible with other Numatic vacuum cleaners that use 32mm fittings. Kits that include the Numatic vacuum cleaning also with the Numatic accessory Kit AA30E. Initial image shows option DV-KIT230-1-032.

The modular carbon fibre pole sections are exceptionally light yet very rigid. These simply push into each other. Various attachments can be fitted to the end of the pole section with a standard 32mm adapter supplied in the kit. Also, the hose cuff of the vacuum attached to any of the pole sections. Each kit is supplied with a half section too, for versatility of use.

Internal Dry Vacuum Kit Guide
Description DV-KIT2175-032 4.5m 15' DV-KIT230-1-032 4.5m 15' DV-KIT4175-032 8.2m 27' DV-KIT230-2-032 8.2m 27' DV-KIT6175-032 11.9m  39'
STREAMVAC™ internal cleaning vacuum (230v)

- 1 - 1 -
6ft 32mm glass fibre modular poles 2 2 4 4 6
3ft 32mm glass fibre modular pole 1
Round dusting brush 50mm

230V Powered STREAMVAC™ Internal Dusting Cleaning System – 5.5mtr (18ft)

Curved dusting brush 100mm

230V Powered STREAMVAC™ Internal Dusting Cleaning System – 5.5mtr (18ft)

Sidewinder vacuum tool 200mm

230V Powered STREAMVAC™ Internal Dusting Cleaning System – 5.5mtr (18ft)

taper tool
adapter230V Powered STREAMVAC™ Internal Dusting Cleaning System – 5.5mtr (18ft)
Traditional floor tool kit 1


STREAMVAC vacuum cleaners are manufactured by the world renowned Numatic International Limited.

For kits that include a STREAMVAC (Numatic) vacuum cleaner: (Please note that not all kits include the vacuum cleaner, see the kit guide above).

STREAMVAC Vacuum Specifications
Energy Efficiency Class B
Carpet/Hard floor Class C/C
Dust Reemission Class C
Sound Power Level 76db
Annual Energy Consumption 31.6 kWh/annum
Motor 780W
Power 230V AC 50/60Hz
Airflow 42 L/sec
Suction 2200 mm H2O
Capacity 9 L
Range 26.8 m
Weight 8.4 kg
Dimensions 360 x 340 x 370 mm


Helpful Information:

Also available for 32mm Numatic vacuum cleaners:

Because these accessories are used for working at height, we include this safety note.

Are there any special safety precautions I need to take while using these accessories? Yes, when using any telescopic or modular pole take care to avoid overhead power lines and cables. Additionally, as many materials used in the construction of poles make excellent electrical conductors, any contact with an electrical source could result in serious injury or death from electrocution. Also do not use telescopic poles outside in an electrical storm, as being struck by lightning can cause serious injury or death.


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